DOT Safety Plus’s transportation services are designed to help clients optimize their business by utilizing strong management principles to create a safe, compliant, and efficient operation. 

The sequence for a healthy long term program is as follows:

Compliance Assessments

Conduct an on-site simulated DOT compliance review evaluating the 6 critical factors:

  1. General – Insurance/Accident Records
  2. Driver Qualifications
  3. Operations (including hours of service)
  4. Maintenance
  5. Hazardous Materials
  6. Accident Ratio Calculations and subsequent accident analysis by skill set

Recommendations are oriented to the motor carrier’s operations by consultants who have industry experience.  During the actual DOT audit, we can help you be successful by “assisting” the auditor.

Policies and Procedures

Draft customized policies and procedures to strengthen critical process.  Standards, expectations, rewards and accountability are essential.

Management Processes

Once procedures and responsibilities have been set, managers must have key performance indicators through real time monitoring and tracking.  The DOT Safety Plus team has developed proven information matrices for all key factors.

Management Training

Knowledge of the regulations is mandatory but intimate understanding of their responsibilities is essential for what the DOT mandates as “adequate management control”.

Driver Training 

3 out of 6 of DOT Safety Plus’ transportation consultants still have our CDL’s.  Training drivers is our passion including their procedural and DOT responsibilities as well as leading edge defensive driving training with individual behind the wheel assessments. Periodic driver training will keep drivers sharp and engaged in the business.

Defensive Driving Training

Critical driving skills and a professional attitude are reinforced during our 3-hour classroom session combined with a 20 minute individual behind the wheel assessment. Trainers each have over 30 safe years of driving and are driving champions.

Follow-up Assessments

For some of our clients we stay involved as a staff DOT expert.  For others, periodic audits to check the system always uncovers fine tuning system adjustments to keep their programs “world class”.

Hazardous Materials Assessments

Conduct a full on-site HM evaluation of 8 critical factors.  Conduct mandatory employee training specific to the client’s hazardous materials and procedures.

Fleet Assessment Program

  • Assesses world class best practices and benchmarks against 40 critical operations and safety attributes.
  • Individual attribute scoring allows the client to locate the greatest “bang for the buck”
  • Provides detailed recommendations for each improvement opportunity identified.
  • Can be done anonymously totally on-line or facilitated on-site. Confidentiality strictly protected.