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Live instructor led training without the lost time and expense of travel.

The most effective training is still an engaging, face to face, interactive, even entertaining presentation led by a passionate subject matter expert. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and very time consuming. Our live, instructor led, Go-to-Meeting training sessions will provide all of what you expect in training except the eye to eye contact and we can even get close to that. Join us for a 2-hour session.

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Without effective training few employees are able to meet their goals.

Training can be a huge waste of time if not delivered effectively and passionately. As instructors we all must not only be knowledgable about the topic but we must also be passionate enough to challenge the attendee to action. Training must deliver results and that is accomplished by using a variety of modern adult learning techniques depending on the listener's needs. Our passion at DOT Safety Plus is training.

Effective Training

The Script from which we all work

Accident Free is our bullseye

Culture is defined as "a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization". It is the way we do business together. We do business to make a profit safely.

On a target, the bullseye represents ultimate success. In order to hit that bullseye we need to:
1. Display the target,
2. Equip the shooter with good equipment and a practical instruction manual, and
3. Then train them how to use the weapon. We cannot expect the shooter to hit the bullseys unless we show then how.

That same process applies to any business operation including the transportation industry.
1. The bullseye is our objective for success.
2. The equipment is obviously our tools of the trade and the manual is our policy and procedures
3. Without training on the procedures, the shooter will never hit the objective or even the target.

Our consultants have all coached hundreds of transportation professionals to hit the bullseye. Let us show you the practical aiming technique for a strong safety and compliance culture.

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Who We Are

Practical Application of DOT Regulations

Often we we hear that the regulations in the transportation business are complicated and overwhelming. That might be true if your objective is to memorize the regulations. Fortunately, none of us need to do that. Effective compliance and ultimately safe operations are dependent on our ability to apply them in a practical hands on approach. DOT requirements can be simplified into three major categories:

*Hire good people and help them be successful.
*Keep them fit for duty and alert. Don't ask them to do anything that puts them in harms way.
*Provide them with good equipment and ensure they know how to use it.

Our consultants have all worked in the industry. A couple of us also have enforcement expereince and that is a bonus. Let us show you how to apply the DOT requirements in a practical way and simplify your DOT compliance challenges.

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Jeff brings an unmatched balance of experience, education and resources that consistently deliver best-in-class regulatory solutions. From assessment and identification through strategy and implementation Jeff is quickly able to deliver an accountable and sustainable culture that will result in the highest degree of safety and minimal regulatory violations
J.J. Keig, CAFM Corporate Fleet Manager in McKinney, Texas
I have been in the transportation industry for over 25 years and have done numerous CSA trainings, audits and refreshers. But there has been nothing offered that is even close to what you are covering. I will tell you from someone who has been there, your services are greatly needed.
Julie Keeler, Accounting and Safety in Billings, MT W.R. Drinkwalter & Sons Trucking
Jeff has excellent communication skills and is able to teach any and all regulations effectively.

I have been privileged to have Jeff conduct several mock audits at my company and he has participated in our driver safety meetings several times and always receives very positive comments for his knowledge and pleasant demeanor. Drivers love to listen to him because he has real world experience and is able to explain things in ways that they understand and relate to.

David Butcher, Safety Director in Milwaukee, WI AIM Transfer and Storage, Inc.
Jeff’s ability to present DOT rules and regulations in a manner that engages the class participants was exactly what we were looking for as a part of our Safety Meeting. The class was truly “Our Class” and revolved around participant’s comments and questions while also covering the various rules and regulations that apply to our drivers. Presentation was well done and well received.
Adam Stanek, Purchasing & Risk Manager in Sheboygan, WI Gabe’s Construction Co., Inc.
Jeff’s experience and extensive knowledge of the DOT and FMCSA regulations has been a critical component of the success and maintenance of our Company’s compliance programs. I would recommend him without reservation for training, auditing and program development.
Mark Jensen; EHS Manager; oil refinery operation in New Mexico Holly Transportation

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